Finding Opportunities & Success in the Federal Government Market

The U.S. government is the single largest consumer in the world and a new Federal buying year has just begun! Join Clover Imaging’s Steve Noyes, Senior Vice President, Global Accounts & Public Sector Sales, and Steve Reid, Vice President of Federal Sales, to learn how to seize new opportunities in this burgeoning market. The intricacies of selling in the Federal space can seem overwhelming but Clover’s experts will break it down into simple layman terms - arming you with the strategies and best practices to make this year your most successful yet!


Presenter: Steve Noyes

Title: SVP Global and Public Sector


Presenter: Steve Reid

Title: VP of Federal Sales


Topics include:

  • Estimated size of the Federal imaging supply market
  • Competitive landscape
  • Federal policies and protocols
  • Recommendations for consultants
  • Best practices
  • How Clover can help