We all know the expression: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Our country, communities, family and businesses have just been thrown a giant lemon. Now what? Clover Imaging Alliance has brought together three industry-leading companies to help dealers position their business for the new market realities.


Attendees can receive a no cost evaluation of their

service operations, parts, labor, and supply expenses.


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Webinar One: Save the Lemon. Many businesses have gone from 100% operational to almost zero. Getting back up to 100% immediately is not realistic. You are going to need to make some crucial decisions about your service and sales model. Opening back up expecting 100% and bringing back all your costs, processes and headcount might be disastrous. Wes McArtor of Nexera will outline how to make the best decisions possible surrounding your sales and service department and inventory effectiveness.



Presenter: Wes McArtor

Title: President, NEXERA


Key Topics

  • How to grade your service technicians A, B, C or F
  • How to double the efficiency of your service technicians
  • How to double your inventory efficiency


Types of questions you can expect to be answered

Question: If you can only have half of your sales team back, which half?
Answer:  Pick the reps most likely to succeed in the digital sales world.

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