We all know the expression: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Our country, communities, family and businesses have just been thrown a giant lemon. Now what? Clover Imaging Alliance has brought together three industry-leading companies to help dealers position their business for the new market realities.


Attendees can receive a no cost evaluation of their

service operations, parts, labor, and supply expenses. 


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Webinar Three: Get More Lemons! COVID-19 marks the end of an era. You cannot grow business as a print only reseller. The migration from office to home worker has further reduced the opportunity for large MFP/A3 placements. We knew it was going to happen, but we didn't know it would happen overnight.



Presenter: Norm McConkey

Title: Director/Owner MPS Toolbox

For those companies left, and the employees still working at them here's the question:What is the idea we can get behind and promote to customers that help us stay relevant to our customers? The answer: Go Digital. Norm McConkey of MPS Toolbox will outline ways you can use e-commerce to increase transactional revenue from unmanaged devices and enhance account penetration.

Key Topics

  • How can I add NEW supplies revenue from devices I am monitoring but not managing?
  • How can I sell existing customers: laptops, software, office supplies, cleaning and breakroom products?
  • Can I be THE CHOICE for home office workers in my account base?
  • Leasing companies make a lot of money? How can you get some of that? 

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Webinar One: Save the Lemon

Presenter: Wes McArtor

Title: President NEXERA

Done - April 23, 2020 1:00 PM CST

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Webinar Two: Get the Most From the Lemon

Presenter: Aaron Dyck

Title: SVP, Marketing Clover Imaging Group

Done - April 30, 2020 1:00 PM CST

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