At Clover’s June webinar we learned how you can stack the deck in your favor and increase revenue with Clover’s Authorized Federal Dealer Program.


As the economy and political landscape change, Clover is here for dealers who are looking to increase revenue by working with the Federal Government.

On June 24th, Clover Imaging hosted a webinar titled “It’s Dealer’s Choice when Working with the Federal Government.” It explored how the landscape is changing and what tools members of Clover’s Authorized Federal Dealer Program can use to increase revenue. Whether you’re a current authorized dealer or looking to expand into selling to the U.S. Government, reviewing this webinar will give you a glimpse of what’s required and how Clover can help you succeed.


Topics included:

  • Learn what tools dealers need to succeed with the Federal Government
  • How the Federal Government landscape has changed with the new administration
  • How dealers can manage the complex regulations and requirements of working with the Federal Government
  • What successful dealers are doing to grow their revenue
  • Explore Clover’s new Federal Government Microsite – available only to Clover authorized Federal dealers



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Hosted By:


Steve Noyes

Senior Vice President, Global Accounts & Public Sector Sales

Clover Imaging Group



Steve Reid

Vice President of Federal Sales

Clover Imaging Group


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