Strategies to increase the 


of office printing




Are you a sustainability or procurement professional working to decrease the carbon footprint of your office printing environment? Some of the questions you might be contemplating - Do we still need this many printers? Should we continue replacing printers at the same cadence or can we extend the life of our hardware? Is there a better way to recycle our empty printer cartridges? What is a remanufactured printer cartridge, and should we make the switch? How much is this going to cost (or save), and maybe most importantly, how do I get the rest of my organization on board?


In this webinar, attendees learned more about the environmental impacts of office printing and the strategies and best practices to address these factors both from a systems and product-level perspective.

Topics included:

  • The major contributors to the environmental impacts of office printing from devices to consumables

  • The different types of printer cartridges and the environmental benefits and drawbacks of each

  • Resources to help you quantify and report on the environmental impact of your print activities

  • Implementing a cartridge recycling process that ensures your cartridges are getting reused and not just recycled

  • How to get the rest of your organization onboard

  • Special considerations for SLED and enterprise organizations: drafting environmentally preferred purchasing policies and spec’ing RFPs and RFQs


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