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The Cannata Report, the leading intelligence resource for imaging resellers and executives across the office technology, managed services and imaging industries, gave a detailed report on how Amplify developed world class websites for Donnellon-McCarthy Enterprises (DME), Document Solutions Inc. (DSI), Kelley Imaging Systems and ASE Direct.



Successful Rebranding Increases Engagement

Learn how the Amplify team effectively delivered on a redesigned website with video, more targeted messaging blogs, a proactive social media presence and enhanced sales collateral. Here’s what DME had to say about their valuable partnership with Amplify.

“They delivered on their marketing materials and have never ceased to amaze me,” said Jim George, President of Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME). “It’s been a great experience. When we talk about adding value to an organization, that’s what I look for, and we have a great partnership.”

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SEO Optimization Boosts Engagement

Find out how the Amplify team utilized HubSpot inbound marketing to easily integrate website content for Kelley Imaging Systems. After forming a partnership with Clover Imaging Group and utilizing their exclusive Amplify marketing services, Kelley Imaging Systems saw immediate improvements to their SEO ratings and generated more sales leads for their business.

“Clover is good at running with the idea of what we’re looking for and coming back with something that fits,” said Aric Manion, President of Kelley Imaging Systems.

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Inbound Marketing Transforms Business

Learn how the Amplify team was able to effectively promote DSI’s blogs and implement a social plan that helped them engage with more people in their local community. DSI decided to partner up with Amplify once they realized inbound marketing was crucial to their future success.

“Inbound sales is the wave now and the future, and if we’re not doing it now, we’re losing out on a lot of opportunities,” said Jocelyn Gorman, Vice President of Sales at Document Solutions Inc. “Knocking on doors and phoning is just not efficient anymore.”

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Consolidation Leads to Effective Marketing

Learn how Amplify successfully consolidated ASE Direct’s countless websites, and how it allowed them to more effectively deliver their story on a single website. Here’s what the president of the company had to say about ASE Direct’s partnership with Clover.

“Realizing the need for consolidated, standardized messaging, the ASE Direct team reached out to its supply partners at Clover Imaging Group and its Amplify team to completely rebuild the ASE Direct website so that it could effectively market the company on the web,” said Jud Clift, President of ASE Direct.

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